Wale Akinfaderin is a Data Scientist and Physicist with almost a decade experience in interdisciplinary scientific research and computational intelligence. He is a PhD Candidate at Florida State University and his research focuses on increasing the sensitivity of magnetic resonance spectroscopy at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. He is a recipient of the prestigious Insight Data Science Postdoctoral Fellowship. At Insight, he consulted for a YC-backed start-up where he built FurniSure: an algorithm to detect multiple furniture from images and videos by employing state-of-the-art computer vision and deep learning techniques.

He previously worked for IBM Research where he developed a veracity model for improving response to safety incidents in East Africa using machine learning and natural language processing. He is an invited reviewer for machine learning proposals at Cambridge University Press, a mentor and speaker for Data Science Nigeria, the founder of Data Science Tallahassee and a co-author of “The Mathematics of Machine Learning (Expected November 2018, Packt Publishers UK)”. He is excited about building data products in low resource countries by leveraging on product analytics, statistical experimentation and machine learning.