Bureau Vente

  • ETC Representative:Bienfait Bitenyo, Marion Kamahoro Kwizera, Fred Bitenyo, Arnold Magera.
  • Data enthusiast:Ian Kalanda
  • Data science expert:Nelson Mugisha
  • Problem statement

    Financial illiteracy among coffee farmers remains a significant barrier to the satisfaction derived from the use of financial services providers that would help them enjoy more yields from their coffee farming. Due to this illiteracy, farmers see no need to have bank accounts nor keep track of records that may allow them access to loans or savings benefits. More often than not, the middlemen have all information required by the financial services providers and hence take the benefits that accrue from the farmers produce such as competitive prices, discounts on farm inputs among others. It’s for such reasons therefore, that BVL would like to champion Financial inclusion/literacy among it’s farmers by bridging the gap between the farmers and the financial services providers through providing a platform that captures and stores all relevant information.

    Solution description

    We have developed, using our existing data, a solution that includes Farmers in the financial eco-system. with collected bio data, Extensively conducted farm inspections and cumulative transactions we are able to score out of the 25,000 farmers which ones are eligible for; 1. Financial literacy course, 2. Financial inclusion through access to savings (Creation of Financial Discipline), 3. Financial inclusion through loans (access to crop financing, agricultural intrants and soft loans to maintain families through off season hurdles.

    Market segment

    Tier 1 Verified Farmers (farmers that have a full record of Bio Data, transaction history and seasonal yield Target.