• ETC Representative: AbdulAzeez Oguntoyinbo (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Chief Commercial Officer: Raji Adegoke
  • Product Developer: Akinade Ayodeji
  • Business Developer: Khadijah Olawumi Olayiwola
  • Problem statement

    There are 1.6 million farmers with 98% of them being small-scale farmer. A majority of these small farmers can’t afford to hire a full-time farm manager to provide professional farm management on their farms the way the commercial farmers do. Even the ratio of government extension officers to farmers is 1 officer: 2000 farmers. This problem coupled with a lack of access to high quality and affordable farm inputs, these farmers are forced to produce low yields hence failing to make money from selling it or even keeping some for consumption. So, we help small-scale farmers in remote areas increase their farm yields by providing easy access to farm inputs and farming information using an Uber-like extension service application. What is exciting about this solution is that it will now give us the ability to create a financial record from their purchase of farm inputs and hiring of experts, that would later be used to attract collateral free farm input financing and insurance based on their transaction history.

    Solution description

    This will be a mobile application and USSD application that a small scale farmer will be able to use to find, hire and get a visitation by an agric-expert for guidance, and all payments between the two parties will be managed using eMsika that way we'll keep a transaction history for the farmer hence allowing us to determine their credit-worthiness for getting extra farm inputs.

    Market segment

    Small scale farmers mainly those in rural areas.