Can a person have two PAN cards in India?

Can a person have two PAN cards in India?

It is used as identification. However, each individual should only have one PAN number. A person or corporation may not have more than one PAN number. If you are detected, the Income Tax Department has the authority to initiate legal action or impose a financial penalty. The information appears on all documents related to your financial dealings and so it is important that you do not make any changes to this data.

An individual can apply for a duplicate PAN card if he/she does not have it. Or if an individual wants to change his/her PAN card holder status. Or if an individual wants to add any other identity proof like driving license number etc along with his/her PAN card number.

PAN card numbers are unique and cannot be repeated. Thus, anyone who receives a copy of your PAN card will know that it is a valid copy and cannot be one that you have made fraudulently.

In case of loss, damage or theft of PAN card, the taxpayer has the option to claim for refund by submitting a written request within 365 days from the date of occurrence of the loss, damage or theft.

What if a person has 2 PAN cards?

A person may receive two PAN numbers for a variety of reasons, including: Instead of reapplying for a PAN, a person who has already applied for one can check the status of their PAN online. A company may need to provide its shareholders, directors, and employees with separate PAN numbers. For example, a director of a company may need a separate PAN to report income from other jobs or investments.

A person can claim only one valid PAN as their own. If you give a false or incorrect information about your PAN, you could be charged under Section 66A of the Indian Penal Code. The tax authorities have the right to obtain your credit card details without your consent when checking the authenticity of your identity.

You cannot give away your PAN card so please do not leave it at home or leave it in a public place. Also, do not lose your card; instead, notify the tax department at [email protected] or call them at 011-23970050 (Monday-Friday, 10 am-5 pm).

Can anyone have two pans?

You may retain both cards. If the PAN numbers on both cards differ, you must relinquish one of the PAN numbers as quickly as feasible. If you are caught, the Income Tax Department has the authority to initiate legal action or impose financial penalties.

Is my PAN card number safe to share?

Sharing your PAN number with someone you don't trust is likewise not a smart idea. As a result, avoid disclosing your PAN number as well. For example, the official income tax website offers a service to locate your PAN for your convenience. However, this service might be abused by someone else. If you don't want anyone but the IRS to have your PAN, it's best not to provide it to anyone else.

PAN numbers are used by many institutions to verify your identity when you open a new account or make any other kind of transaction. Without an independent way to verify your identity, these institutions need some way to know that you are who you say you are. The PAN number is used for this purpose - it is like an ID card for you.

Your PAN number can be used to commit fraud. This means that someone could steal it and use it to commit crimes in your name. For example, they could take out loans in your name, buy items on credit cards in your name, etc. There are many ways that someone can use your PAN number without you knowing about it. They could sell your information to other scammers who will use it against you too.

People who steal your PAN number can then submit false claims to claim tax refunds, get loans in your name, or do many other things which are difficult to resolve if you later find out about them.

What is the PAN number on a PAN card?

Permanent Account Number, abbreviated as PAN, is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric number provided by the Income Tax Department to Indian taxpayers. All tax-related transactions and information for a person are recorded against his unique permanent account number. The department uses the information recorded under this number for verifying income tax returns filed by individuals, checking tax evasion, and preventing money laundering.

PAN numbers can be found on all relevant documents of a taxpayer. They are also referred to as Permanent Identity Numbers or PI's for short. A copy of an individual's PAN card is accepted in place of the original card at any tax office.

A person cannot file an income tax return without quoting his PAN. Even if he does not have access to a computer, he can write down his PAN number and file his return by hand. But until his return is verified by the IRS, he will not be able to print out forms or pay taxes online.

The first digit of a person's PAN number determines to which category of identification he belongs. A person cannot have more than one category identity. For example, if he has a PAN with four digits then it can be used for identifying him both as a citizen and a foreigner. However, if he claims himself as a foreigner then he can only use the last five digits of his PAN number.

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