Can I put a fake name on a PO box?

Can I put a fake name on a PO box?

How can one safeguard their identity by using an alias and a PO box? Opening a P.O. box necessitates two pieces of identification, and only the persons mentioned on the box application will be able to receive mail in their names. As a result, you cannot open a post office box or receive mail under an alias.

The only way to receive mail under an alias is if the alias is that of a legal entity or person. For example, if you have a business and want to receive mail under your company name, you can do so by including your employer identification number (EIN) when you register for a box. The Postal Service will then be able to match employees' signatures with their EINs.

In addition, one can use a fictitious name in conjunction with a PO box. For example, one can use "Friend's Name" as an address if they do not have a permanent home address. However, it is important to note that once mail arrives at its final destination, it is difficult if not impossible to track down who may have received it.

Finally, one can use a pseudonym or alter ego in conjunction with a postal address. For example, one can write to "George Washington" at their PO box address.

Can you get a PO box under a fake name?

It is a criminal to provide a false identity while establishing a PMB and PO box. It is not a good plan. You can, however, register as an entity (LLC). Identity fraud occurs when you hold a fraudulent license with the goal of opening a box. If this happens, you will need to notify all relevant agencies that there has been a license breach.

What do you need to open a PO box in Nevada?

How to Get a Post Office Box in Person

  1. Bring two forms of ID with you.
  2. Go to the post office where you want your PO Box located.
  3. Get a PO Box rental form (essentially a variation of Form 1583) at the counter.
  4. Turn it in at the counter and get your keys to your PO Box.

Why would someone have a PO Box as an address?

A post office box, sometimes known as a PO box, is a mailbox at a post office that has its own unique box number that postal customers can rent if they want to receive mail away from their home or place of work. These boxes are sold by the post office on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be reserved in advance. Customers can order a post office box online or over the phone and pay with a credit card or electronic check. They then pick up their mail at the local post office.

People use post office boxes for several reasons. First, they may not have a fixed address for business purposes or because they move frequently. A post office box allows them to keep their mail while they're traveling or working elsewhere. Second, people who make a living as freelancers or consultants may need a separate address for tax purposes. A post office box can help them maintain one single identity for their business.

Postal customers also use post office boxes as temporary addresses while they search for new homes or apartments. If they find something suitable, they tell the post office and start receiving mail there instead. Finally, some people use post office boxes as safe places where they can leave valuable items while they're out of town. When they return, they go to the post office and pick up their mail there too.

How do you add a name to a PO Box?

Yes, any subsequent individual may receive mail in a post office box that the first person rented. To receive mail in that box, they must go to the post office with the boxholder and produce two kinds of identification. One is a driver's license or ID card from your state government agency that issues licenses for drivers. The other is a credit card-style plastic ID with a magnetic strip on it. That card is used to deduct the $ertal fee for the box.

The postmaster can also print a label for you to put on the outside of the box. This makes it easier than typing out an address. You can either write your own label text or have the postmaster provide one for you. He or she will need to know what number to assign to the box when it comes time to route letters.

Post office boxes are paid for by the month in advance. If the box remains unoccupied for more than six months, it can be canceled by notifying the post office. Otherwise, it will be charged again at the end of the next month.

Name recognition is important for mail delivery. Most people have a hard time finding their own address, much less a post office box number. So if you want people to know how to find you if they need to, adding a name to a box is a good idea.

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