How can lip prints be used as evidence?

How can lip prints be used as evidence?

Lip prints, which are analogous to fingerprints, are very useful in forensic investigations for personal identification because they are considered the most important form of transfer evidence. The pattern left by a person's lips is unique and cannot be replicated accurately by any machine.

In law enforcement investigations, lip prints are useful tools for identifying suspects. If you have never been photographed against a black & white background, then we would recommend that you go back in time and get photographed again. Your new photo will serve as an independent source of evidence should it become necessary to identify you later.

The photo below was taken when this author was a police officer working on the city beat. He was involved in several cases where the presence of lip print evidence helped solve the crime.

Lip print evidence can also help identify persons who have been missing for a long period of time. If their family still has some images of them taken before they went missing, then those photographs can be compared to photos taken after they went missing to see if their lips have changed shape or appearance due to illness or aging. This type of evidence can also be useful in cases where there is no other form of identification available.

Are lip prints unique like fingerprints?

Lip prints and fingerprints are said to be unique to each person. The study of fingerprints and lip prints is widely used in the identification of the deceased as well as in criminal investigations. Scientists have also used these methods to identify people who have not been properly identified after a disaster or other incident where many people lost their lives.

Fingerprints are visible marks left on objects by the skin folds on the hands. There are two sets of prints, one from each hand. Like fingerprints, footmarks are unique to each person. They can be seen on bare feet or shoes and they appear flat, with furrows going in all directions at once.

In addition to being unique, fingerprints and footprints are also permanent. This means that no matter how often you wash your hands or clean under your nails, they will always look the same as when you first rolled them in mud or pressed them into the sand dunes back in time. While this may be good news for crime scene photos, it's bad news if you're looking for a way to hide your identity!

Now let's take a look at lip prints. Lip prints are visible marks left by blood vessels under the skin on the face. As the body moves, so does the blood which leaves its mark as these fine lines.

Can you be identified by your lip print?

Lip prints are one-of-a-kind and can be used to identify individuals. There are very few studies that prove its admissibility as biological evidence in a court of law. However, it is not uncommon for police departments to use lip prints to make an identification.

The validity of the technique depends on many factors such as diet, hygiene, and trauma to the mouth. Also, someone who has been wearing makeup or wearing a hat when their lips were printed would prevent certain features of the print from being seen.

In conclusion, yes you can be identified by your lip print.

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