How dangerous is Douglas, Arizona?

How dangerous is Douglas, Arizona?

While Douglas has a low violent crime rate, property crimes such as larceny, burglary, and motor vehicle theft are significantly more prevalent than in the rest of the United States. During the same time period, the population of Douglas declined by 4.4 percent. This indicates that more people are committing crimes to survive.

Douglas has a high percentage of its population living below the poverty line. In addition, 23.3 percent of the residents live with family members because they cannot afford housing on their own. Without proper shelter, many people will be forced to turn to crime to pay for rent or a mortgage.

There is also a large number of homeless individuals who may not be able to protect themselves from violence. Around 35.8 percent of people who sleep in the streets of Douglas are children under the age of 18. This is higher than the 32.9 percent national average. There are several factors that may be leading to this situation including the high cost of living and lack of employment opportunities.

Crime is a major problem in Douglas. If you plan to move there, make sure to keep your eyes open and your guard up. You should also report any crimes that you see so that they can be investigated.

Is Douglasville, Georgia safe?

Douglasville, with a population of 33,992, has an extremely high combined rate of violent and property crime when compared to other cities of comparable size. Crime in the city is particularly high for crimes against children and women. The overall risk of violence against adults in Douglasville is higher than average and the risk of violence against children is also higher than average.

Douglasville has a low rate of motor vehicle theft but a high rate of gun theft. The national rate of gun theft is about 1 out of 100 guns, while in Douglasville it's more like 1 out of 20. There are less than 10 homicides in Douglasville per year, which is lower than the national rate of 3.5 per 100,000 people.

The city has a small number of drug arrests each year. However, because police often find drugs during searches of vehicles entering or leaving the city limits, the actual number of drugs seized by officers may be higher. The city has three major hospitals with pediatric trauma centers, which can handle most injuries that result from violence.

There are several programs in Douglasville designed to prevent crime. These include community policing programs, juvenile justice systems, and efforts to reduce street violence. There is also a strong coalition of law enforcement agencies that work together to fight crime.

Is Douglas, AZ dangerous?

Is Douglas, Arizona a safe place? The F rating indicates that the crime rate is substantially greater than in the average US city. Douglas is in the first percentile for safety, which means that 99 percent of cities are safer and 1% are more hazardous. During a typical year, the crime rate in Douglas is 226.32 per 1,000 people. There are about 50 crimes reported to police departments annually in Douglas.

Things can change quickly in Arizona. In July 2012, there was a shooting spree that left at least six people dead and two others injured in Douglas. The suspect, who has not been caught yet, was found dead after a fire was set to his house. This incident raised concerns about violence in Douglas.

There have been several other violent incidents in Douglas over the years. In January 1993, someone shot and killed five people at a homeless camp outside of town. In August 1995, someone drove through downtown Douglas hitting several cars and buses, killing one person and injuring three others. In October 1996, someone broke into an apartment building and stabbed four people, killing one of them. In June 1997, someone fired shots at two men as they walked down a street in Douglas, missing them both. These are just some of the most recent violent events in Douglas. If you plan on moving here, it's important to know how safe it is because this will affect many other things, such as where you live and work.

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