How did Suigetsu get caught?

How did Suigetsu get caught?

Orochimaru kidnapped and experimented on Suigetsu. Suigetsu joined Sasuke's side after he fought Orochimaru because he felt obligated to support him. He also had his own aim. He desired to collect all of the swords from the seven swordsmen. One day, while searching for more potential weapons, Suigetsu came across Inuzuka Tomoyuki, who told him about a secret underground village where there were more weapons to be found.

Suigetsu went to this village but was attacked by Danzou Hideo. However, he managed to defeat Danzou and continue his search. Later on, he found Icha Ichinose, who told him that there was another man in the village who could help him find more weapons. The next day, Suigetsu went to see this man named Toda Yakushi. He told Suigetsu that there were two people in the village who knew how to use these weapons. They were Sasori Masakado and Hisaki Yūki. Suigetsu then went to see them but was again attacked by Danzou. However, he once again defeated Danzou and continued his search for more weapons.

Later on, Suigetsu met up with Icha Ichinose again who told him that there was still one person in the village who knew how to use these weapons.

How did Jugo stop Suigetsu from killing him?

When they came upon Jugo, who immediately attacked them, Suigetsu sought to murder him. Sasuke, on the other hand, interfered and threatened to kill both of them if they didn't stop fighting. Jugo ultimately calmed down and agreed to be recruited after some persuading from Sasuke. He also gave his sword, Zabimaru, to Sasuke as a sign of trust.

Jugo's recruitment story is told in more detail in the manga. There, it is revealed that he used to work for a ninja clan called the Danzou. One day, when they were attacked by another clan called the Hatake Clan, he decided to defect from the Danzou and join the Hatake instead. This way, he could fight against his former colleagues whenever they crossed paths. However, what he didn't know was that the Hatake had also hired several other defected Danzou members including one named Kishimoto.

At some point during their travels, the three of them will come across each other again. When Kishimoto tried to kill Jugo, he stopped him by cutting off his arm with his own sword, Zabimaru. Realizing that there was no way out for him now, Kishimoto begged for his life but Jugo merely laughed at him and walked away.

What happened to Suigetsu Blade?

Trivia. Suigetsu just retrieves the sword from Zabuza's grave in the manga. In the anime, however, the sword was seized sometime after Zabuza's death by Tenzen Daikoku, a criminal leader who had lost many men to the blade. It was subsequently preserved as a trophy and used by one of his bodyguards until Suigetsu stole it forcibly.

In the final battle with Odawara, when Suigetsu is about to strike against him, we see that he is holding something in his hand. When Odawara asks him what it is, he simply replies "this". This may indicate that Suigetsu has stolen the sword again!

However, this could also be the Tetsusaiga which looks exactly like it. Since they are both swords owned by Zabuza Mae, this could mean that they look alike because they are cousins or something similar. Maybe Zabuza made another sword for himself too? We will never know unless Kishimoto tells us...

Is Suigetsu dead?

Suigetsu left Hebi behind and challenged Kisame to a fight, which he joyfully accepted, while Sasuke finally brought Itachi's death to a close. It was subsequently revealed that Zetsu intervened in the battle, allowing Suigetsu and Kisame to survive. Enraged by this betrayal, Sasuke attempted to kill Zetsu, but was prevented by Itachi.

Later on, when confronting Naruto about his relationship with his parents, Sasuke stated that even if they were alive, it would not have changed anything between them. This implies that even if it weren't for Itachi's sacrifice, Sasuke would have still killed him. However, since we know from the past that Itachi spared Sasuke's life because he wanted him to live, this may simply be a case of poetic justice rather than any kind of redemption for Sasuke's actions.

As for Suigetsu, he disappeared after the battle with Itachi. It is possible that he died during the fight or perhaps even earlier in the series when Itachi first learned of his existence. However, since Zetsu survived this early on in the series, this may simply be another case of continuity where they decided to include him despite him being dead previously.

How did Suigetsu break free from the base?

Suigetsu noted one of the medical-nin was in a stupor when they arrived to begin their testing (unaware he was being controlled by Sasuke's Sharingan). The medical-nin then unlocked Suigetsu's chamber, freeing him from the base. Soon after, he was being hunted by Sasuke and Karin. When they found him, he had just killed the last medical-nin with his own hands.

Does Suigetsu save Boruto?

Suigetsu did assist Boruto in dealing with the evil scientist Tosaka, but while it looks like this facility is intended to be a jail for Orochimaru to do experiments, it might also be a way to put Suigetsu on a very short leash. Also, note that while Suigetsu helped free Boruto from prison, he didn't exactly go out of his way to do so. He probably saved Boruto because it was the right thing to do or something similar.

Now, this doesn't mean that Suigetsu will always side with Boruto. If there's ever a time when it's in his best interest not to help Boruto, then he'll definitely do that too. However, given how much we all love him and how often he helps Boruto, it's safe to say that Suigetsu will always come through for our boy.

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