How many people did Paul Dennis Reid kill?

How many people did Paul Dennis Reid kill?

Seven homicides Paul Dennis Reid, Jr. (born November 12, 1957) is a serial murderer from the United States. He was convicted and sentenced to death for seven murders committed between February and April 1997 during three fast food restaurant robberies in Metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee and Clarksville, Tennessee.

The crimes received widespread media attention because they were committed during a period of several weeks and involved multiple killings. Two of the victims were children.

Reid grew up in a family with eight children in a small town in Tennessee. His father was an alcoholic who physically abused his mother and all of his siblings. When Reid was 11 years old, he saw his father shoot and kill his mother as she stood at the door watching television. He then shot and killed his two brothers before turning the gun on himself. The only reason why he didn't kill himself is because he was able to run away when his father murdered his brothers. Reid said that he felt like it wasn't real life and that he was still dreaming when his father killed his mother and brothers. This event greatly affected Reid and caused him to develop a fear of guns which led him to carry out these robberies.

In 1977, at the age of 18, Reid married Donna Sue Smith. They had one son together before divorcing in 1990. After his divorce, Reid worked at several jobs including truck driver, bouncer and drug dealer before becoming a security guard.

Is Paul Reid still on death row?

Reid was incarcerated in the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Tennessee (Inmate #303893). His seven death sentences are the most ever given to a single individual in Tennessee. His latest planned execution date was January 3, 2008, however it was delayed on December 26, 2007 by US District Judge Todd J. Campbell who granted Reid's federal habeas corpus petition.

If you visit his website at you can watch videos of him speaking with other prisoners about various topics as well as read articles written by him while he was in prison. He is currently waiting for a new trial to be scheduled because the 7 murders were committed during one night in 1984.

How was Paul Dennis Reid caught?

Reid left the residence without incident when the kidnapping attempt failed, and he was later apprehended by Nashville police, after which he was deemed the major suspect and charged with the Captain D's and McDonald's killings, as well as the Baskin-Robbins murders. A search of his vehicle revealed a white plastic bag containing a human head in the trunk. Police also found bloodstained clothing in his home.

After his arrest, it was learned that Reid had been under psychiatric care. Prior to the killing spree, he had written letters to God describing how people were going to die because He didn't love them enough.

In one of these letters, he stated that he wanted to be the catalyst for a new Holocaust because "none before me have been good". It is this statement that caused police to believe that he was involved in other homicides in the community. They found more bloodstained clothes in his apartment building's laundry room.

Police also discovered that several months prior to the killings, Reid had purchased a shotgun at his local Walmart. When asked about the gun by investigators, he claimed that he planned to use it to shoot fish in order to make a seafood dinner for his family.

It was also reported that just prior to the killings, Reid had visited a Walgreens pharmacy to purchase drugs.

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