Is Burton-on-Trent rough?

Is Burton-on-Trent rough?

Burton has a quite high crime rate. The majority of crimes are related to antisocial behavior, shoplifting, sexual offenses, car crime, arson, and theft. According to the UK crime statistics department, the majority of crimes occur near retail and parking areas, nightclubs, and, on rare occasions, police stations. Rough neighborhoods are often those near schools or churches.

Overall, Burton-on-Trent has a low crime rate compared with most other cities in England. The local police force, Staffordshire Police, reports only 16 homicides over the last decade. This is among the lowest rates in Britain.

The city is home to two prisons: Highfield Prison and Meir Park Young Offenders Institution. Both are medium security institutions that hold up to 250 male inmates each. The town has no large universities but does have several smaller colleges. Burton's main campus is located about 20 minutes away from the center of town at Tettenhall College. This regional institution offers courses in arts, business, and technology training programs. Its main building was constructed in 1841 as a grammar school for boys.

There are also three secondary schools in Burton: Bishop Heath School, King Edward VI Camp Hill School, and St John's Catholic College. These all offer education for children between the ages of 11 and 16.

Is Middlesbrough rough?

CRIME. According to the Mirror's exclusive investigation, Middlesbrough ranks third in terms of crime and anti-social behavior. It's a topic that has sparked a major political debate in recent months. This evidently irritates the locals - with many complaining about a media blackout on this issue.

Middlesbrough is known for its heavy industry and trade unions, but it has also been criticized for having some of Britain's worst housing estates. The town is located in northeast England near the borders with North Yorkshire and County Durham.

The area was developed after the Second World War when local government officials decided to build "new towns" to solve chronic unemployment problems. Many of these new communities were built on greenfield sites outside existing cities. But instead of creating jobs by moving into old industries, they relied entirely on house building as an activity. Today, some of these towns have problems attracting businesses that can not be done easily anywhere else in the country.

Crime and violence are just two of many issues that have made headlines over the years around Middlesbrough. Local politics is split between the Conservative Party and Labour, but both groups have struggled with forming a majority on council elections. In addition, there have been allegations of police corruption in the town dating back decades. In 2004, it was discovered that officers had stolen drugs and money from their own headquarters.

Is Burton on Trent nice?

Burton is a basic, welcoming town that benefits from it. The Trent and Mersey Canal, now a rich recreational asset with a big visitor/shopping destination at neighboring Barton Marina, was also instrumental in Burton's ascent to prosperity. These days, the canals provide a scenic route for walkers and cyclists along part of the C&A Canal Route.

The town has an international airport but no rail link, so it's not easy to get into central Manchester. However, there are good bus services to most other major cities including Birmingham, London, and Leeds.

Burton is set in the beautiful Peak District, which stretches for much of south-west England. This area has fine walking and cycling trails, as well as popular ski resorts in the winter time. There are also many stately homes and gardens to see around Burton.

In conclusion, yes, Burton is a nice place to visit. It has plenty to offer anyone looking for some peace and quiet or who likes to take advantage of the great outdoors by walking, cycling, or skiing.

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