Is a printout of an Aadhar card valid?

Is a printout of an Aadhar card valid?

As a printed version of the Aadhaar Letter, downloaded Aadhaar (e-Aadhaar) is therefore a legally valid evidence of identification under Section 4(3) of the Aadhaar Act, 2016 read combined with Regulation 15 (1) of the Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations, 2016.

Is the Aadhaar card a photo ID proof?

Aadhaar's one-of-a-kind feature enables it to function as a strong ID. As a result, an Aadhaar holder's Aadhaar is recognized as evidence of identity and proof of address. Aadhaar has also been recognised as an identification document by several ministries/departments and state governments. This means that in order for someone to be granted any benefit from the government they must provide their Aadhaar number when asked to do so.

An Aadhaar photograph is required by some institutions to verify your identity. For example, if you are applying for a bank account or a mobile phone connection, then the institution will need to see your photograph before granting you a service. Even if you do not file an application with the institution, still she may want to see your photograph to verify your identity when you make a payment via ATM machine or buy anything in their shop.

The photograph contained in your Aadhaar card is considered authentic by default. That is, unless you produce another form of photographic ID which proves otherwise. For example, if you have a passport or driving license then there is a good chance that this will serve as adequate proof of identity.

It is important to understand that while the photograph in your Aadhaar card is valid evidence of your identity, it is not your actual ID. Your actual ID such as your driver's license, passport, or election card contains your full name, date of birth, address, and other information about you.

Is a photocopy of Aadhar valid?

"The downloaded Aadhaar card or the printed Aadhaar card on conventional paper is absolutely legitimate for all purposes." "The printout of the downloaded Aadhaar card, even in black and white, is as legitimate as the actual Aadhaar card given by UIDAI," stated Dr Ajay Bhushan Pandey, CEO of UIDAI.

Is the Aadhaar card a proof of identity?

This means that if you lose your passport or driver's license, you can get a new one issued with just your Aadhaar number on it.

An Aadhaar photo is also required at time of application for any government service. This is done in order to verify your identity before issuing you a new document. However, it cannot be used as the only form of identification.

The Aadhaar number is 11 digits long and does not contain any spaces or punctuation marks. It should be stored in a secure manner, not shared with anyone else and changed immediately if compromised.

Can we use the Aadhar card as age proof?

Aadhaar may be used as an address, proof of age for a driver's license, and other purposes. According to the government, the draft notification to change laws for driving licenses suggests Aadhaar as one of the papers that may be given as address and age verification. The government has not announced any changes in this regard as of now.

You can use your Aadhaar number as proof of identity when applying for a driving license. However, there is no provision for using it as proof of age. If you want to use an Aadhaar-based document as proof of age, then it should be an original or a certified copy of it. Also, it should be signed by an authority called "Authenticating Officer (AO)". An AO is a person who has the authority to authenticate documents under the Indian Evidence Act. He/she would normally be either a secretary or an assistant registrar at the district court where they work.

In case you lose your Aadhaar card, you can get another one issued immediately. To do so, you need to visit an Aadhaar enrollment center. These are located at various places such as hospitals, police stations, embassies, etc. You must provide some form of identification (driving license, voter ID card, etc.) along with the following: - Your 12-digit Aadhaar number - The email address which is registered with Aadhaar - The current date - Your full name

Can I download my Aadhar card online?

Yes, once your Aadhaar has been produced, you may always get an e-Aadhaar letter by going to the website and clicking on "Download Aadhaar" under the Aadhaar Enrolment section. The UIDAI requests that the resident confirm the addresses (from the multiple address proof) to which he or she want to have his or her Aadhaar letter addressed. It also asks for the name of the person at each address along with his/her photo ID. Once this is done, the e-Aadhaar letter will be sent out to all these addresses.

How can I know if my Aadhar card is original or lost?

You may confirm the authenticity of your Aadhaar card by doing the following: 1 Go to In addition, you can go to 2 Next, under the Aadhaar Services area of My Aadhaar, click "Aadhaar Verify" to verify your Aadhaar number. The website will then prompt you to enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number.

If your Aadhaar number isn't working, try using instead. Click on "I have lost my Aadhaar card" under the FAQ section and follow the instructions.

If you are still unable to login to, contact the UIDAI support team at [email protected]

Note that it is mandatory for all entities to verify the identity of a person before providing any service or making any investment in his/her name. The UIDAI also offers various tools and services to help individuals protect their privacy and authenticate documents.

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