Is there a national police force in Egypt?

Is there a national police force in Egypt?

The Egyptian National Police, or ENP, is a branch of Egypt's Ministry of Interior. It is primarily responsible for internal security across the country and has authority over criminal investigations as well as civil affairs. The national police force consists of around 15,000 officers.

It is also one of the largest employers in Egypt with over 250,000 employees.

Since its founding in 1882, the police department has been headed by seven directors-general (one per state province) who have been appointed by the government of Egypt. The current director general is General Mahmoud Tawfik, who was appointed in November 2016 after the resignation of Mohamed Ibrahim. He previously served as deputy head of the general prosecution office and as chief of staff to former President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. His appointment was not contested by any member of the Senate.

In addition to being elected by provincial governors, directors-general are often chosen from among senior officials from within the police department. They are usually veterans of the organization who have risen through the ranks during their years serving under previous directors-general.

Currently, the national police academy in Giza trains new recruits and provides training courses for existing officers.

What are Egyptian police called?

National Egyptian Police employs approximately 120,000 personnel, of which half are women. The national police force is divided into five main branches: investigative, patrol, traffic, judicial, and administrative.

Egyptian police are known as "mukhtars" (singular: mukhtar). They are responsible for investigating crime scenes and interviewing suspects. On the street, they are usually identified by their green berets or baseball caps.

There are also district police officers who work in each of Egypt's 27 provinces. They are not as prestigious nor as well paid as their capital city counterparts but they are an important part of any police department and they often work alongside them. District police officers generally do not wear a uniform but rather use civilian clothes when off duty.

Finally, there are police officers who work at airports, ports, border crossings, and highways. They perform tasks such as checking documents and passengers before they enter the country or returning illegal immigrants to their home countries.

In general, Egyptian police enjoy great respect from the public they serve.

Who are the members of the Egyptian Armed Forces?

The Egyptian Armed Forces are the official military institution in charge of Egypt's defense. They are the Egyptian Army, the Egyptian Navy, the Egyptian Air Force, and the Egyptian Air Defense Forces.

The Egyptian Army is the largest branch of the Egyptian Armed Forces. It was founded on 24 October 1952 after the end of the First Round of Free Elections held that year. The current Chief of the General Staff is General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi who has been in office since April 2014. The head of the army is not a monarch but instead it is a civilian president who can be removed from office via a popular vote. The Egyptian Army has more than 80,000 personnel including 8,500 active duty soldiers and 70,000 civilians working for it.

The Egyptian Navy was founded on 2 November 1953 after the end of the Second Round of Free Elections held that year. It is the oldest armed force in Africa and the second-oldest in the world after the British Royal Navy. The current chief of the naval staff is Admiral El Meouchy who has been in office since January 2011. The head of the navy is not a monarch but instead it is a civilian minister who can be removed from office via a popular vote. The Egyptian Navy has more than 19,000 personnel including 2,400 active duty sailors and 17,600 civilians working for it.

Is there a military in Egypt?

The Egyptian Armed Forces (Egyptian Arabic: lquwWt lmusalaWHa @ [email protected]) are Egypt's state military organization in charge of defense. The current Chief of the Armed Forces is General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who was appointed by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in March 2014 after former president Mohamed Morsi was removed from office following mass protests against his rule.

Including its associated units, the total number of people employed by the armed forces is about 725,000. The vast majority of these employees are involved in civil service duties within the ministry of defence or other government agencies. However many soldiers are also employed by private companies as guards or security officers.

According to a statement made by President Anwar Sadat on November 4, 1978, the military is "not an occupation but a profession." He said that he would prefer that it be called "a career" because many Egyptians view it as an occupation. However, under the new constitution adopted in December 2012, military service is required by law for all citizens over the age of 18. Those who do not want to serve can pay a fee to be exempted from duty.

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