Is Wahiawa a ghetto?

Is Wahiawa a ghetto?

Wahiawa, dubbed the "armpit of Oahu," ranks 10th in the state in terms of crime, and drug usage is common. Total crime is 22% greater here than in the rest of the state. Kapaa is one of the most hazardous areas to reside on the charming Garden Isle, with a 1 in 28 probability of becoming a victim of a crime. The average household income is $60,000, but 46% of residents live below the poverty line.

Wahiawa has no major industries other than agriculture and military bases. There are several shopping centers including West Kahana Mall and Waialae Shopping Center. Also nearby are Kapi'olani Park and Mauna Kea Beach State Recreation Area.

There are approximately 5,000 people in Wahiawa. More than 95% of them are white, with almost all others being Asian or Pacific Islander. Only 2.5% of the population is black or African American.

Crime is rampant in Wahiawa. In fact, it is the second most dangerous city in Hawaii after Honolulu. The rate of violence here is more than twice as high as the statewide average. There are also high rates of auto theft, burglary, and robbery. Drug abuse is another problem; according to the police, heroin is popular here. There are many areas where drugs can be found around town including parking lots of gas stations and restaurants.

Does Japan have a ghetto?

It has a low crime rate in general. Nonetheless, there are a few problematic neighborhoods in Japan. There are two types of unsafe areas in Japan: red-light districts and slums. However, only the most hazardous red-light areas are deemed dangerous.

There is one Japanese city that is considered to be a slum: Yokohama. It's known as the Chinatown of Japan because it has many Chinese businesses and restaurants. But even though Yokohama is classified as a slum, most people live safe lives there.

There are also some dangerous neighborhoods in larger cities such as Tokyo. These areas often have a high crime rate and poor sanitation. However, even in these neighborhoods, you can feel safe if you use common sense.

In conclusion, Japan lacks ghettos because most people can afford to live in safer areas than others. Still, there are certain neighborhoods in big cities that are used by criminals so if you do choose to walk around during nighttime hours, then be aware of your surroundings.

Is Tukwila a ghetto?

Tukwila is not as deadly as some people tend to believe. It's not quite as awful as Seattle's ghetto sections, such as White Center, Skyway, and others. The state's crime statistics are distorted by the state's largest mall, which generates a high number of shoplifting arrests. Tukwila's crime rate is similar to that of other suburban cities.

Tukwila has an economy that relies heavily on government employment. If you search for jobs online, you will find that most positions are filled by people who live in Washington State or elsewhere outside of Tukwila. This is because employers prefer to hire people who can work long hours for low wages, rather than using local labor.

Crime is also a problem in Tukwila. There have been several shootings here over the last few years, including one in April that left two men dead. But these incidents are rare compared with many other cities around the country. In fact, Tukwila has a lower crime rate than most large American cities.

There are lots of family-friendly activities near Tukwila. If you want to go hiking, there are many trails located within 15 minutes of the city center. If you're interested in museums, there are several galleries within an hour's drive of Tukwila. Dining options are limited but there are plenty of fast food places if you get hungry working or playing in the city.

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