Is Worcester bad?

Is Worcester bad?

In 2019, Worcester had the third-highest number of recorded violent crimes in Massachusetts, after only Boston and Springfield. There were over 4,000 property crime complaints, including 2,637 larceny/thefts, 786 burglaries, 369 motor vehicle thefts, and six arson crimes.

Crime in Worcester has been on the rise since 2010, when there were about four robberies per 1,000 people. That rate is higher than the national average of 3.3 robberies per 1,000 people.

Worcester has the highest percentage of its population living below the poverty line among Census-defined cities in Massachusetts. Approximately 26 percent of Worcester residents live below the poverty line, compared with an national average of 12.5 percent.

Crime and violence are the most frequent subjects of outrage for Worcester's political leadership. City officials have put forth plans to reduce homicides by forming a gang task force and improving community policing practices, but crime continues to be a damaging issue that has cost Worcester economically.

There are several factors that may be leading to an increase in violence. The city's unemployment rate was high when the recession ended, at 9 percent, which is above the national average of 5.4 percent. Also, many former factory jobs are now vacant, providing opportunities for street gangs to operate with less opposition from local residents.

Worcester has also seen an uptick in drug abuse.

What is the crime rate in Worcester, MA?

Worcester's Annual Crimes

Number of Crimes1,1995,169
Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)6.4727.88

Is Worcester a safe city?

According to FBI crime statistics, Worcester is not one of the safest cities in America. In comparison to the rest of Massachusetts, Worcester has a higher crime rate than 98 percent of the state's cities and towns of all sizes. The overall crime rate in Worcester is about 14 percent higher than the national average.

Worcester has experienced an ongoing battle between drug dealers and police officers. There have been many high-profile arrests over the years, but crime continues to be a problem.

The best way to protect yourself in Worcester is to be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that are known for criminal activity. Don't keep money in your car or on your person. If you are going to conduct a transaction, use a licensed taxi service or call a friend who can give you a ride.

Walking alone at night is not recommended. Even in large cities such as New York City, Chicago, or Los Angeles, this practice invites trouble. Find a good local place to hang out online so you can stay connected while you're away from home. This way, you can monitor your child or pet if they go outside their house.

Violent crime against adults and children is rare in Worcester. However, due to the high rate of drug addiction in our community, crimes involving drugs will likely continue to be an issue for some time.

Does Northampton have a high crime rate?

Northampton's crime rate is 145 percent higher than the national average. Violent crime accounts for 35.1 percent of all recorded crimes in the postcode region. The overall number of "violent crimes" is 29.2k, and this figure has climbed by 16.1 percent year on year between April 2020 and March 2021.

There are more than 20 categories of crime that we can extract data from, but for simplicity we will just look at the figures for violent crime against persons and property. The number of assaults reported to police increased by 12.5 percent between 2015/16 and 2019/20, while the overall crime rate fell by 2.8 percent.

Assaults accounted for 1 in 10 of all crimes reported to police in Northampton during 2019-20. There were around 160 reports of assault per 100,000 people. The national average was 1 in 33. Crime rates vary across the country, but there are generally fewer assaults and other forms of violence against children than against adults.

Women in Northampton are 1 in 5 victims of a violent crime. This is below the national average of 1 in 4. Men are 1 in 6 victims of a violent crime, which is above the national average of 1 in 50. Property crimes account for most arrests for criminal behavior in Northampton, with an overall crime rate that is 125 percent higher than the national average.

Is Worcester safe at night?

Few areas in Massachusetts are hazardous enough to be concerned about, and Worcester is no exception; remain cautious, avoid tough neighborhoods alone at night, and keep out of trouble, and you'll be OK.

That said, crime does occur in Worcester, so be aware of your surroundings and don't let your guard down. Use common sense and you should be fine. If you see something suspicious, call 911 immediately.

Worcester has a large Italian-American population, and many members of this community feel safe walking home from work or school at night. However, crimes against individuals do occur, so use caution if you are in any way vulnerable. Do not walk alone through unfamiliar neighborhoods after dark, and stay in well-lit areas near homes with lights on. If someone approaches you during the night, call 911 immediately.

The Worcester Police Department posts monthly reports of crimes that have been committed in our city. These reports are available online at They offer valuable information on areas of concern within Worcester by neighborhood and police district. The site also includes links to relevant news articles.

Crime statistics for Worcester are unavailable, but national data show that nighttime crime is relatively rare. Of all crimes reported to police in the United States, only 1% occur after midnight.

What is the most dangerous part of Hartford?

Asylum Hill is the Hartford area with the largest amount of reported crimes to police, with over 68,000 probable offenses reported to the city's police since 2005. Asylum Hill also has the highest rate of these crimes committed per 1,000 people. Just under 10,000 crimes were reported in the city's other 31 neighborhoods combined.

These are the top five most dangerous neighborhoods in Hartford:

1. Asylum Hill

2. Oak Hill/Beech Street

3. North End/Mill River

4. South End/Beacon Street

5. Forest Park/Parkville

Overall, the most common type of crime in the Hartford area is auto theft. This is followed by drug violations and burglary. There have been fewer than 10 homicides reported in Hartford during this time period.

Hartford has many safe neighborhoods. It's best to use as a guide, not an excuse for criminals to roam free. If you're going out at night, don't walk alone, use a taxi or utilize the online booking system provided by your hotel.

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