Was Beckham killed in the hurt locker?

Was Beckham killed in the hurt locker?

The youngster who resembled Beckham was killed because terrorists hid bombs inside dead bodies so that when people arrived to retrieve the bodies, the devices detonated, killing even more people. The youngster was a random kid who wasn't slain because he resembled Beckham.

What happened to Henry II after Becket’s murder?

Becket's beheading took place at Canterbury Cathedral in 1170, following a violent disagreement between Becket and the King. Because Becket was idolized, he was canonized shortly after his murder, and despite Henry II performing penance at Becket's tomb in 1174, his reputation was tainted. In addition, there were doubts as to whether or not Henry II was actually responsible for the killing.

Within weeks of Becket's death, plans were being made to establish a new church in Jerusalem built by Christian Crusaders. This plan was proposed by St Bernard of Clairvaux but never came to fruition because of the outbreak of the Third Crusade. However, it did lead to the creation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem which is today considered to be the traditional site of Jesus' crucifixion and burial.

After Becket's death, there was turmoil in England between those who supported the King and those who didn't. The King went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem but returned early because of threats against his life. When he returned home, he ordered that no one speak his name, even in private, for this was seen as supporting his enemies.

In April 1173, the King married Eleanor of Aquitaine in France. She had been previously married to two French kings but had been given half of their kingdom in marriage contracts called "foires de l'armonie".

What was Thomas Becket doing when he was murdered by the four knights?

On December 29th, 1170, his life was violently ended when he was slain at the altar of Canterbury Cathedral. Becket rose up the ranks quickly, first as a priest, then as a bishop, and eventually as Archbishop of Canterbury. Henry believed Becket would join him in bringing the Church under control. But Becket had other ideas; instead, he began to oppose many of Henry's decisions, particularly those that involved the English church. This made King Henry angry, and on New Year's Eve 1170, he ordered the assassination of Becket.

Becket was born in Potsdam, Germany in 33/34, the son of an Anglo-Saxon mother and a father who was also a German prince. He was educated at the prestigious monastery school in Clairvaux, where he learned Latin and theology. At the age of 30, he was ordained a priest and soon after was appointed chancellor of England. In this role, he worked with the king's advisors to manage government affairs.

In 1052, William the Conqueror invaded England and claimed it as his own. The English people were not happy about this because they wanted to be ruled by kings of their own choice rather than by foreigners. However, they didn't have any true rulers until 1066, when Harold Godwinson was chosen by the citizens of London to be their king. Unfortunately, he did not live up to expectations and was defeated by William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings.

Does he die in the hurt locker?

In the actual world, an explosion might easily kill someone wearing a bomb suit. Finally, the true explanation is that he died because the plot demanded that he do so. The fact that he wore a bomb suit would have made no difference had he survived the attack.

Why did Henry want Becket's death?

Thomas Becket, the son of a merchant, came to power during Henry II's reign. Instead, Becket became one of the most powerful men in England.

Henry had been generous to Becket before taking charge of the government. But once in power, he wanted nothing more to do with the archbishop. In fact, they had been enemies from the beginning. When Thomas became chancellor, Henry refused to see him or even acknowledge his existence. When Thomas tried to influence politics, Henry removed him from his post.

In addition to being an enemy of the state, Henry also saw Becket as a threat to his throne. If Becket were alive and king, he would be able to claim that Henry had murdered him to secure his own inheritance. So Becket had to be killed.

After Becket's murder, there was peace between England and France for several years. This gave Henry time to build up his army and prepare for another attack on France. He also needed to deal with other problems that arose during this period of peace. One such problem was how to pay for these new armies without resorting to taxes that would cause outrage among his people.

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